The Elisa Technology builds upon a previous history of r&d investment aimed at developing the technological basis that will be demonstrated in the construction of the operational full-scale prototype.

The different projects developed since 2009 have allowed to increase the technology readiness level of the solution to the highest degree before building a full scale operational prototype in open water, which will be the last stage before the commercialization of the technology.

Several institutions, Spanish and European, have collaborated the development of the technology, through the following initiatives:

Development of concrete towers for large turbines (2009-2010) - Ministry of industry

This first r&d project was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and helped developing the first concrete wind tower solution for multi-megawatt, high-rise turbines, and related patents.

Alejandría Deep Offshore (2010-2012) – CDTI

This project focused on the development of the technology and assembly processes for precast concrete towers and foundations for multi-megawatt wind turbines in medium and large depths (phase I).

Alejandría Deep Offshore 2 (2012-2014) – CDTI

This project further developed the offshore assembly processes for concrete wind towers outlined in the ado project (phase II).

Development and theoretical and experimental demonstration of telescopic concrete wind towers (2013-2014) – Acció

This project focused on the telescopic wind tower technology and helped carrying out the different scaled tests and numerical simulations required for the technical validation of the tower self-lift.

Design and research of telescopic mechanism for precast concrete towers (2013-2015) – Eurostars E!

Development, optimization and construction of the telescopic tower concept and all secondary elements present in such element. Complete design and construction of a telescopic prototype in Daganzo (Madrid).

ado demonstration (2014-2015) – EEA Grants

After the design and technical development of the solution in the previous project, this initiative helped carrying out the experimental demonstration and certification of the self-bouyant precast concrete telescopic tower and foundation technology.