The Elisa Project focuses on the construction of the substructure for the final overall demonstration of the technology.

The self-buoyant foundation platform is the base for the critical installation process, and thus concentrates a significant part of the market’s risk perception. Such installation process has already been duly analyzed through advanced numerical modelling, and most notably has been contrasted along an intensive and demanding 14-month tank testing campaign with notably positive results.

Nevertheless, the market de-risking requirements demand a full scale prototype in relevant environment for commercialization.
Such is therefore the objective of the present project: to effectively demonstrate for market introduction the complete installation process and means, covering construction, towed transport and ballasting for installation, all through a full scale offshore prototype in relevant environment.

The prototype is to be manufactured in a drydock built for the purpose in the Arinaga harbor, in Gran Canaria.


The project thus focuses on the foundation system and prototyping. In complementarity, the Elican Project was launched in order to provide the construction of the tower and the installation of an operational offshore wind turbine.

The Elisa Project has a total budget of 3,568,375 € and was selected for the sme-instrument phase 2 in march 2015. The action started in june, 2015 and will last until may, 2017.