01  Issuing of Design Basis


As planned, Esteyco has submitted the Design Basis for the ATOMS project. This document aims to describe the design basis to be used for the detailed design of the ATOMS technology and provides the background for all the data and information required during such process.


The project will aim for a full design process:

Concept Design: Different alternatives will be analyzed

Basic Design: The most promising alternatives will be defined up to a level that their cost can be analyzed.

Detailed Design: The selected solution will be design in detailed so the full fabrication and demonstration can be carried out.

Thus, the purpose of this document is to define the design criteria, requirements and assumptions that will be used for the design during these phases. The scope of the document is the structural, naval and operation design


Analysis of cranes

At this first stage of the project, an analysis of existing cranes has been carried out in order to define the most suitable crane to be used in the project.

Seakeeping report

Naval analyses have been carried out for the first loop of the ATOMS design.  The results enclosed in report stablish the baseline for optimization and improvement of the ATOMS structure.