Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no conferences have been attended at this point of the project.

WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Amsterdam (November 2017): Poster

TELWIND was again present in the WindEurope Conference in 2017. This time, a poster from MECAL, ESTEYCO SA and IHC was presented. The influence of the floater behavior with regards to the LCOE was depicted in the poster.  Results from the calibrated fully coupled numerical model and the influence of the advanced control strategy in the floating tower loads were shown.
FUTURE OFFSHORE FOUNDATIONS, 2017, Brussels. Oral presentation

For second consecutive year, Esteyco took part of the workshop organized by the magazine WindPower Monthly, Future Offshore Foundations. TELWIND was presented within the section “Floating offshore wind – on the cusp of commercialization”.  ESTEYCO SA prepared an oral presentation for the workshop, including the major findings of the tests and numerical models, and firsts outcomes on the benefits of the offshore controller in a floating platform.


The TELWIND project was selected by the Visionaires and Everyday Heroes / Engineers – Build – Future exhibition, organized by the M:AI Museum for Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW, to be included in their catalogue. The exhibition was inaugurated in 9th November in Munich.
OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY 2017, London. Presentation on TELWIND – Innovative floating concept and fully coupled modelling by MECAL, ESTEYCO SA and IHC

The Offshore Wind Energy event is probably the most important event for the offshore wind industry. MECAL gave an oral dissemination of the TELWIND project. The presentation showed the technology feasibility based on tank tests results and fully coupled, suitably calibrated, numerical simulations carried out.

III MARINE ENERGY WEEK (Bilbao, 27-31 March 2017). Posters and Oral Presentation

TELWIND project was present in the 3rd BMEW, the biggest event on ocean energy in south Europe. Two posters were exposed: ESTEYCO SA: Revolutionary evolved spar integrated with a telescopic tower. IHC & ESTEYCO SA: Modelling and Numerical model calibration of TELWIND: An innovative floating wind offshore concept. Firsts outcomes from the tank testing campaign along with first numerical model calibration results were presented in the posters. An oral presentation given by D. Sarrasín (ESTEYCO SA) on the new technologies for the ocean energy showed the state-of-the-art TELWIND technology for deeper water FOWTs.
EERA Deepwind 2017 in Trondheim (January): Oral presentation

EERA Deepwind is one of the biggest events on deep sea offshore wind, presenting the best on-going R&D projects. Deepwater floating offshore wind turbine innovations were presented and of course, TELWIND platform fitted perfectly. ESTEYCO presented the concept with an oral dissemination describing the technology and the first outcomes from the proof of concept tank tests.
H2020 Contractor´s Workshop Energy Projects on 28 November 2016: Oral presentation

On November 2016, Esteyco SA was invited to participate in the 2016 H2020 Contractor´s Workshop Energy Projects meeting to present our H2020 projects which included the TELWIND project.
Offshore Foundations and Supporting Structures Forum 2016 in Copenhagen (November): Oral presentation

Esteyco took part of the workshop organized by the magazine WindPower Monthly. TELWIND was presented as one of the state-of-the-art technologies to reduce the installation costs for offshore wind foundations.  ESTEYCO SA attended this round-table discussion along wind leading renewables companies and research centers such as Dong Energy, Siemens Wind Power, Franhofer IWES or DNVGL.

55th Congress of Naval Architecture and Marine Energy in Barcelona 2016 (October): Technical dissemination & oral presentation.

TELWIND technology was presented in the 55th Congress of Naval Architecture and Marine Energy with a top level technical dissemination carried out by ESTEYCO SA and IHC. The dissemination was complemented with an oral presentation by B. Couñago (ESTEYCO SA) and A. Jurado (IHC). The ground-breaking technology impressed the technical committee who granted the TELWIND PROJECT with the 1st AWARD of the Congress.

WindEurope Summit 2016 in Hamburg (September 2016): Poster

ESTEYCO attended the WindEurope Summit and TELWIND was presented in a poster, showing the technology main particulars and some results on the conceptual tank tests. The poster also depicted the fully coupled model strategy, along with first results of the influence of a suitable controller. The poster was granted with the 1ST AWARD to the best poster in its category.

ENERMAR 2015, Bilbao: Poster and oral presentation

COIN and AINE, through their group, PAT18, organized the workshop on the renewable energies from the ocean. ESTEYCO SA presented its breaking through design for a floating offshore structure: TELWIND. José Serna gave an oral dissemination, presenting the patented technology and showing