The ATOMS project is divided into 8 work packages (WP) covering from the design of the substructure to the installation and commissioning of the prototype on a real scale.

WP NumberWP TitleWP duration
(in months)
Project management1-24The project management will ensure the achievement of the project objectives within time-schedule and budget constraints, by planning, organizing and controlling the integrated effort of the suppliers involved in the project. This will be a continuous task throughout the project. The main objectives are: a) To perform the project objectives in a qualitative way and to meet the project schedule and deadlines (technical coordination); b) To perform the financial and administrative tasks of the project (administrative and financial coordination); c) Identify and manage risks along the process.
ATOMS Engineering1-8This Work Package will provide with a realistic design basis and preliminary design to the rest of work packages. It will also include the performance of the structural and constructive designs of the ATOMS. Finally, it will include the design of all the auxiliary elements required for the safe operation of the ATOMS system.
Operations Engineering1-8This Work Package is focused on the achievement of different objectives: a) Analyse and fully describe and document all the operations that need to be performed by the ATOMS system; b) Analyse the marine behavior of the structure during all the mentioned operations; c) Ensure that the upmost H&S conditions are met for all the O&M operations performed.
ATOMS prototype construction7-15Within this Work Package falls the manufacturing of the prototype, which includes the adaptation of the commercial crane to its new position with a new supporting structure, and the fabrication of the pieces required for the transport of any equipment to be replaced, such as blades, gear-box, and generator.
Offshore testing & demonstration16-18Perform all the tests required for the adequate evaluation of the system demonstrating the correct behaviour and reduce the inherent risk of its full commercial implementation.
Back analysis & certification9-26This Work Package deals with the following objectives: a) Ensure the quality of the project obtaining a technical certification from the corresponding third-party organism of the overall design, construction and installation processes; b) Develop WTG O&M procedures for an Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) including those for large corrective scenarios; and c) Perform a back analysis on the results obtained during the construction and tests performed and evaluate the lessons learnt during the project.
Dissemination, Exploitation and IP right4-24The objectives for this work package are: a) To develop a business case for the technology to be demonstrated in a real scenario and OWF; b) Benchmark analysis to compare it with existing ways to provide the same service; c) Analyse the environmental and socioeconomic impact of the platform prototype regarding the local content and job creation among other aspects.