Esteyco SA is a Spanish civil engineering and architecture consulting firm created in 1970. Since its beginning, Esteyco has provided independent, high-quality and professional services to both national and international clients.

For this purpose, Esteyco relies on three main offices located in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao and permanent offices located in Bogota (Colombia), Santiago (Chile), Mexico DF (Mexico), Salvador (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Throughout these years, we have been creating a valuable scheme of stable collaborations with other high-specialized teams which are naturally integrated into our team, in order to complete and extend our resources when the nature of the requested service so requires. As a result, it could be said that we have left a long-lasting mark in many countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, France, India, Irak, Iran, Qatar, Nigeria, Italy, UK and Honduras among many others.

During these almost 50 years, we have carried out over 3,000 projects and studies, both nationally and internationally, in which integration, multidisciplinarity and sustainability, combined with functionality, energy and economic efficiency are key elements in the solutions adopted.

Among other activities in which the company has been traditionally involved and that provide us with very valuable knowledge and expertise, we can find: Road engineering, Railway engineering, Bridges and structures, Architecture and urban planning, Environment, Water engineering and Project management.

Later on, in 1996, we identified the increasing interest in a field with as much future as the wind energy. Therefore, Esteyco SAP decided to commit itself to the wind energy sector with the creation of Esteyco Energía, a company’s branch focused on this sector. Today, thanks to it, we have participated in more than 400 Wind Farms, with more than 10GW of installed power all over the world, creating an international model in this field with increasing activities in several countries and positioning Esteyco as one of the main actors in the design of concrete structures for wind turbines.

This project is crucial for completing the ambitious strategy that ESTEYCO defined to position the company at the forefront of the wind energy civil engineer sector.